Zombie Attack Pt 2 // Defend

By January 18, 2012#Influence, #StuMin

Our first Wednesday night of training for How to Survive a Zombie Attack went well.  We learned how to outfit an SUV for survival on the go and more importantly we looked at the first basic principle of survival, Unite.  Shared vulnerability brings survivors together, hope keeps them going, and unity in purpose guides their path.

The second basic principle: Defend.

As survivors come together in unity, attacks are inevitable.  There are numerous keys to establishing a defense like creating fortresses, wearing armor, and building proximity alarms, but practical defense strategies will be shared at another time.  Instead we will focus on the two core beliefs to which every defender must adhere so that none are lost.

Whereas humanity shied away from matters of faith and God prior to the zombie apocalypse, now faith in a higher power is widely encouraged in a post-apocalyptic world.  As a man on his deathbed turns to God as he faces his own mortality, so survivors turn to God as they face their mortality every day. They understand harm to their soul is far more damaging than harm to their bodies.

In that each survivor realizes that true security does not come from locks or fences.  They find their security, will to live, and confidence in something greater than themselves, their companions, or their devices.  Such things are naturally vulnerable and prone to fail.  Instead they turn to a God who preserves their souls and fuels their hope.  True security in life can come from God alone.  He alone is invincible and unfailing.  He alone is an individual’s refuge and strength, and He alone is the source of salvation.

Establishing a successful defense also means protecting the first basic principle at all costs.  You must defend unity.  In a war against the undead, survivors must remember their battle is against their zombie foes, not their fellow living friends.  There will be differences of opinion and strategy and tempers will flare, but these sparks of disunity must be extinguished before they grow.  As hope is the greatest ally of survival, so pessimism, jealousy, and gossip are the biggest adversaries.

Words can be toxic to the soul and more dangerous than zombie attackers.

Each person must live by a code of verbal ethics that protects the unity essential to surviving.  The main code being as follows:  If one hears negative talk about someone else, they must not entertain it.  The conversation should be stopped abruptly and the offender should be encouraged to take complaints directly to the stated individual or stop talking altogether.

These core beliefs are remembered by the phrase, “That none are lost.” If survivors can find their security in God alone and guard the precious unity within their community, they will find a source of strength and fortitude to not only stand and defend, but to mobilize and move to the third basic principle: Attack.

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