Why Do We Like Instagram?

By January 29, 2015#Tech

Let me say from the outset, I use Instagram and mostly enjoy the social experience. I love following and connecting with friends and photographers. It really has elevated the visual social media experience. So much in those regards that Facebook bought it outright and apps like Twitter and Flickr have been playing catch up. What’s interesting is that the app and platform itself pales in comparison when it comes to functionality. Consider the deficiencies of Instagram for a moment within the context of the typical standards we’ve come to appreciate from our Social Media platforms.

  • It’s relegated to a mobile-only experience. You cannot upload picture from anything but a mobile device.
  • It maintains exclusivity on posting images. You can view, follow, like, and comment from third-party apps, but you can’t post photos.
  • You can only manage one account at a time. There’s no option for managing multiple accounts. You have to sign in and out to use a different account.
  • There’s no communication outside of photos. If I have a question for someone it has to fall into the comments of a picture, even if it has nothing to do with that picture.
  • There is no hyperlink support. If you want to direct someone to follow a link, you have to use your profile because links don’t work in comments.
  • There are no paragraphs in Instagram. If you’re typing a long caption, the only way to separate paragraphs is to use something like a Notes app and copy and paste into Instagram.
  • There’s no function for multiple photos. You want to feature more than one image in a single post? Then you’ll have to use a third-party app to cram them into one teeny tiny photo that we’ll see from the phone we’re holding five inches from our face.

Ultimately it is what it is and it works. So what do you think? With its lack of features, why do we like Instagram?

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  • Paul Risdall says:

    A few reasons

    Junk free. Lack of hyperlink support and only one account per user means less functionality for business and therefore less clutter from business. I don’t have to scroll through 2 pages of huff post articles to actually see something interesting from one of my friends. More personal than fb or Twitter.

    Good filters. Makes people feel like they are taking good pictures.

    Easier to post a pic in Instagram than Twitter or Facebook and good integration with both of those two platforms.

    True timelines. Instagram doesn’t filter which posts they think you should see. It’s like Facebook used to be.

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