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I normally don’t do commentary on current events, but this story really irked me. The father and son pictured here went turkey hunting together and the young boy was told to stay near to this father. The son wandered off and his father mistook him for a turkey and shot him. He died in the woods.

I heard people talking about this both around me and on the news – and most commented on how sorry they felt for the father… and somehow the boy was condemned in conversation because he didn’t listen to what his father had told him… almost to a point where it was implied that if he had just listened – he would have lived. Even the boy’s mother was quoted to say she “wasn’t surprised” that he wandered off and got shot.

I didn’t feel bad for the father at all. In fact, I was of the opinion that he should be punished for it. His guilt wouldn’t be enough. Who on earth carelessly shoots a shotgun with a child along? How do you mistake a child for a turkey?

The follow-up story was released today. The father was apparently drinking, smoking weed, and hunting without a license – with his son. I wonder who feels bad for the father now?

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  • Jill of the Jungle says:

    Okay, I feel bad for him, losing his son and it being his fault and all, but that’s the point. It was the father’s fault. If I knew my child was out in the woods somewhere (and as the mother said on the news that he didn’t listen) I would be careful before taking a shot and wouldn’t just assume my very young child had obediently stayed put -since they already established he wasn’t a very good listener. I do feel badly for them and it is a tragic loss, but I don’t like how it was made into a “well, he should’ve listened” kind of story. It’s not like the little boy deserved it. Or is that the going punishment now for not listening?
    I agree, I think he should have been more careful and not shooting just because he saw something move. I would rather have the “bird that got away” than a dead son, but then I’m not that into turkey.

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