Totally Hooked

By July 2, 2009#Life

I know this drives some people nuts, but when I get hooked on a song it’s like a drug and I MUST hear it all the time and when I can’t listen to it, it runs through my head.

Right now I’m at work with Matt (entering HUNDREDS of camper registration forms) and will leave tomorrow for Alexandria -and a month of teen camps!  All day I listen to the new United album on the iPod.  But I am highly biased and can’t seem to stop repeating my favorite song -sprinkling in a few others just to mix it up a bit (and to feel I’m being fair to the others).

My name is Jill Reed, and I get hooked on songs (and on using shoe horns, for those of you -Trent- who remember that entry so well!).

**”King of All Days” (#4) on the “A_Cross//The Earth: Tear…” (Sorry that’s all it will show me for album name on iPod!).  I think in second place for me is Matt’s favorite (#1) which is “Freedom is Here.”

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