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By May 18, 2015#Tech

I think I’m a news junkie. I read the news on my phone a few of times a day, follow news outlets on Twitter and listen to news radio on my commute.  There was a time I wouldn’t miss the local evening news at the end of the day, but those days are gone since it’s now served directly and immediately to my phone.

In my mind, there are a few news outlets that have emerged with the wave of mobile media, and none of them are broadcast news. Many of the broadcast news outlets do a decent job with their online and social media presence, but fall short in the world of news apps.

My go-to apps for news are USA Today, Yahoo News Digest, and Timeline. Each has a different niche that nearly completes my news needs.

The USA Today app is the best comprehensive news app in my opinion. It keeps current with the latest news including breaking reports. It also offers a number of different categories like sports and entertainment much like its print publication. It has a clean interface and a good mix of op-ed and photo journals too.

The Yahoo News Digest is perfect for consuming top news stories in a concise manner. It captures a number of shapshots of news stories in the morning and then again in the evening. It gives you the most important details of the top stories in just a couple of paragraphs. It has a sharp design and integrates information from different sources including Twitter.

Timeline is a great app that puts a handful of news stories in historical context each day. The authors do a fantastic job of researching the “backstory” of current events and curating the content. Each article is set up with a brief overview of the story followed by a chronological history lesson leading into present day. It’s visually appealing and simple to use. It stands out as the best new news app out there. The only downside is that it’s not on Android as of yet. If you’re into history (like me) and love the news, then this app is for you.

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