The Inception’s on You

By January 3, 2012#Life

If Inception was thirty seconds longer, you would have seen the top topple.  When I first saw the movie last summer, the collective gasp of all of us in the theater foretold the endless debate that was to follow.  It was all based on the question, “Was Leonardo DiCaprio still dreaming?”

I watched it again and am fully convinced that he does in fact make it back to reality and is reunited with his kids.  When Christopher Nolan ends the movie with the spinning top, he has just “planted” an idea in our head… a doubt that makes us question whether or not Dom’s world was real… he successfully pulled off inception on you, the viewer.

Nolan is known for mind-bending plots and creating movies you don’t just watch, but you experience.  The key evidence is within the climax of the movie where Dom reveals that inception is possible because he did it to his wife.  He planted an idea in her head… a doubt that made her question which world was real.   The inception was successful by spinning the top inside vault in the dream world… a scene that ends, you guessed it, with the top spinning.

Of course I can’t ultimately prove it because there’s no evidence, but believe me it’s true.  You’ll just have to take a leap of faith.

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