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By March 24, 2010#StuMin

(Here is an article I wrote for a Youth Alive newsletter about our Reggie Dabbs Outreach two weeks ago on March 10th)  It was picture perfect.  Everything I had hoped for and yet it was still beyond what I imagined.  Over one hundred teens and parents left their seats to come to the front of the auditorium to be prayed for.  Just moments earlier, Reggie had led the entire audience of 388 people in a simple prayer and invited everyone to respond by coming down front to meet our church volunteers.  Months of preparation came down to this moment and in minutes lives were changed.

Our church, Valley Creek Church in Woodbury, decided midway through 2009 to attempt to get Reggie into a couple of our East Twin Cities schools in March 2010.  After all, as a portable church we are currently meeting in a Junior High on Sundays and Wednesdays and it was a great opportunity for us to show we care about students and our area schools.

Through a series of events, we ended up in four schools over two days and were blessed to be able to hand out invitation cards for our Wednesday night event to around 4,000 teenagers.  The assemblies and comeback night were a success.  Reggie did a phenomenal job adjusting to each audience and hit a home run every time he spoke.  The response was amazing and we’ve been following up on dozens of teens without a church home trying to connect with them.

The beauty of this experience is that it wasn’t just a youth event.  Indeed it was designed to reach teenagers, but from the beginning we promoted it as an all-church outreach.  We invited young and old to help with our comeback night and seventy people from our church signed up.  Grandparents served pizza to our volunteers, newlyweds provided security, teenagers threw out giveaways to their peers, pastors served as ushers, and everyone stepped up to cover every area of need.  It was truly a team effort.

Being a portable church and not knowing what to expect, it stretched us in many ways as we had to prepare for 50 to 600 people.  In the process we accomplished many things we had never attempted before like a live-video overflow room, expanded parking, and coordinating a large response team.  We worked through every new aspect of ministry and with God’s help succeeded.  I really believe this event was not just a victory in March, but it was a victory paving the way for our church to reach more people for Christ in the near future.  Through this experience He gave us a glimpse of what He wants to do in the East Twin Cities and how He wants to use our church.  We trust in Him and believe that anything is possible.

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  • Mom Reed says:

    Wow! It’s great to see God working thought his people. I just viewed a video (Finger of God) showing miracles that are happening in Monroe,MI and the world. Extraordinary and humorous ones.

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