The pros and cons of Pinterest, from the perspective of a non-tech-chick.

I’m not really techy.  I cheat because my husband is so techy that some of the lingo and ideas accidentally rub off on me, so I seem techy sometimes.  I am, however, a regular person who uses a computer, and so I feel that qualifies me to give my opinion on how useful or not-at-all useful things on this computer and so called “internet” are to a regular person -who’s husband frequently has to set up short-cuts for her so she’ll stop asking him how to export something- but that’s beside the point.

Take Pinterest’s usefulness for example.  In the Beginning… of Pinterest, one had to be invited or request and invitation.  That crock of snobbery was instantly a turn-off to me.  “Ooo!  I’m Pinterest, you can’t just look at me unless I tell you you can look at me!” To which I responded, “Go pin yourself.”  What does that mean?  I don’t know, but it sounded painful and I wanted Pinterest to do it.  Which now brings up an interesting thought.  Is it possible to pin Pinterest?

Anyway, somehow I stumbled into the realm of Pinterest.  I think someone invited me and I swallowed my pride and joined in.

For anyone who’d ever bookmarked pages (or in my cases, pages and pages and pages and pages) on the world wide web, or who always had fifteen tabs open because you were afraid you’d lose the precious info on those web pages, this was a dream come true.  An idea-hoarders dream come true.

I like the ease of using Pinterest, and the wealth of ideas.  I love that I can find “how to fix a garage door” on the same site as “gluten free sugar free dairy free” pizza -which I will probably never eat.  I have found amazing recipes, decorating ideas, DIY (Do It Yourself) ideas, plans, measurements, etc. (I desperately want to build a cute chicken coop I found on Pinterest!)

When I used to bookmark pages on the internet, they were in the order in which I saved them.  There was no real rhyme or reason to them.  If I left tabs open, I’d accidentally close them and lose them (because I didn’t understand what “History” meant on my toolbar, and had no idea I could have used it to open whichever things I’d just closed.  Told you, ameture techy).

Suddenly on Pinterest, it was a hub of ideas which I could then organize RIGHT THERE! Well, sort of organize.  I made categories before realizing how many different subgroups of those categories there could be.  Like recipes.  Healthy? Dessert? Dinner? Crockpot? You get the idea.

In this idea hub I could find things that had thus far only existed in my head.  Suddenly I can see a space-themed birthday party, much like I imagined, because somewhere in Georgia another parent had imagined it two years ago for their Hipster-named kid and I could see which ideas I had that had worked or didn’t because someone had already tested it for me.

Pinterest even has hair and make-up ideas. I’ve learned all sorts of things you wouldn’t believe a person can do to their hair in five minutes.  I’m lucky if I get around to just braiding my hair on any given day, but if I ever want to do five amazing five-minute hairdos to it, I know where to go.


Back when Chuck Sheen was going through all of his “Winning” stages, I even got in the habit of saying to myself, “Pinning!” just like I think he would, every time I pinned an idea.

On my pinning “boards” (like folders) I have pinned crafts for kids, recipes (yeah, I know I mentioned recipes already, so just back off, alright?), home repair, home reno, car repair, decorating, cleaning, party planning, game planning –endless ideas all pinned and waiting for me to do them- which I actually do! Okay, I do half… Fine.  I’ve done about 10%, but that doesn’t diminish the resource.

I even have a folder containing things I find ridiculous and things I’m scared of.  Why?  Because it’s Pinterest and I can do what I want.

I have no idea if Pinterest still insists people be invited to the party or not, but I’d say, “Join, and welcome to the party.”

The down side of Pinterest?  I almost always check a link before I pin it myself because they’re not always accurate and I sort of feel responsible to those who pin things I’ve pinned to make sure it is what it says it is.  Luckily Pinterest is all over this.  If you click on a recipe, for example (Yes, okay??? Just… okay?  I like food), and it took people to a site selling diet pills, Pinterest warns you before letting you go to that link.

Another drawback (in a way), is that Pinterest is something I could spend no time on for weeks and then one fateful night be pulled into a vortex of pins that lead to another pin I might like and then another and another, and pretty soon I have spent two hours on it pinning cakes I will never make but look so good I’m tempted to lick the monitor.

A major flaw in Pinterest is that it can’t make my husband see how much we need a chicken coop.  Thanks a lot, Pinterest.

But seriously, thanks a lot, Pinterest.

Over all, Pinterest isn’t the best or worst of anything.  It’s a fantastic and helpful tool.


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