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By May 4, 2009#Life

It’s been a little quiet on our website the last few weeks.  A lot has been happening since the beginning of April that has kept us really busy.  It started out with us finding a house that we REALLY liked.  We placed an offer that was accepted and have spent the last few weeks working with our lender and realtor to set a closing date… and we have one!  May 8th!  We’re excited to finish this process and become first-time homeowners.  Our current lease is up, which means we have 3 weeks to work on the place and move.  Painting party to come!

Jill’s been busy finishing up school.  As you’ve seen, she’s set to graduate May 19th (the same week of her birthday).  It’s been quite a ride and we’re looking forward to celebrating.  Graduation party to come!

I just finished up the last of our spring events.  We had 3 in 2 weeks.  Now everything is in gear for Summer Camp.  This last event was my favorite of the 3.  It was a weekend for volunteer youth leaders.  A couple of our youth leaders were able to come and we had a blast.  We have such a great team in youth ministry at our church.

Speaking of church, this last month we announced a temporary change in facility.  We are currently renting a space that can only accomodate up to 400 people in 2 services.  We’re moving to a Junior High in July that will allow us to accomodate 400 people in 1 service and have plenty of room for growth.  We also purchased land not too far from our new location.   We’re planning on building in the next couple of years.

So the last 30 days have been a whirlwind and we’re happy to see what the next 30 bring.  Yeah!

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