No Nail Polish

By January 6, 2010#Life

Nails can not be painted while in nursing school, at least not during clinicals (working in the hospitals) which is a majority of, if not the entirety of, the semester.  This rule was put into practice because even small chips and cracks in nail polish look tacky but also can carry germs with them.  Ew.  I began to realize that even while on breaks from school, I still discontinued painting my fingernails, opting instead to paint my toenails.  I am in a very special window of time right now where I am finished with school, but have no nursing job yet.  It dawned on me the other day that I couldn’t even recall the last time I’d painted my fingernails and that this would be the opportune time to do it.  After all, once I’m back in a hospital I won’t paint my nails.  It’s now or when I retire (or go on vacation).  So I bought clearance nail polish (which explains why I bought purple- gag) and painted them yesterday.  Now I startle myself almost every time I glance at my nails because I am so unused to color being on them -and SUCH a color!  Where was this horrid color when I graduated in my ‘grape’ grad gown? Ha!  So here I am, typing away with purple nails that draw my attention more than the computer screen does.  Added to the list of reasons nurses shouldn’t have their nails painted?  It’s distracting!

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