New Kid On the Block

By May 9, 2011#Life

New kid on the block, not to be mistaken for the much older, and much less ‘new’ New Kids On the Block, Elliot is indeed the newest addition to our neighborhood.  Most of the families here have teens, or elementary-age kids.  When we moved in we were the only ones in our neighborhood without kids -or dogs.  As we were introducing Elliot to some of the neighbors -yes it has taken us three months to get around to that (but keep in mind the winter we had, we’re only just getting outdoors), a few neighbors asked us if we were planning on getting dogs now.  I’m not sure why kids = dogs.  They may want them, but they’re usually pretty bad at actually taking care of them.  In my mind our neighbors should have waited with their dog-fevered push until Elliot’s potty trained.  The last thing I want right now is more poop around here!  (As a side note, I suspect some of our neighbors may be excited at Elliot’s arrival because they hope it will lead to new dogs in the neighborhood…)

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