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Ever since I got my iPod touch a couple years ago, I’ve always wanted a decent music creation app.  The best ones tend to get lost in the thousands of similar junky ones and at the same time you have to rely solely on reviews without being able to try it out without buying it.

I resumed my search within the last week or so and came across Goillaz’ tour soundtrack web page.  I don’t really listen to them, but I love that they posted all the iPad apps they use for creating their music.  It led me down search path where I found a $15 app called NanoStudio that I have quickly come to love.  They let you download a working version that you can test out on your laptop before purchasing.  I took the $15 plunge and after versing myself online and spending an hour or so playing around, I was finally able to put it to good use.

I’m a little behind on this, but my first project was creating the loop from “Freedom is Here” by Hillsong United.  It seemed like a good starting point.  Getting used to the small keys took some time, but once I got the hang of it I was able to track the synth part and set it to loop.  Recording was pretty easy and the metronome kept me in time.  The best part is that now that it’s tracked, I can transpose keys and change the sound on the fly.

We’re taking it live on Wednesday night for our worship set using the loop and hooking up the iPod either directly to the tape in or using a stereo direct box.  I’ll let you know if it flops  =)

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  • Phil says:

    Awesome! This is cool, how soon till we see iPads on the team? Hmmm. Don’t know what I think about that….

  • Matt Reed says:

    I’m all for supplementing worship with this type of thing, but at this point, I have a hard time seeing it being used as a primary instrument…. especially in a worship/church context… it too easily distracts the focus on God and attracts focus on the musician… or at least that’s my opinion today.

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