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By September 5, 2012#Influence, #StuMin

Last year I heard about the Live Dead initiative in East Africa from a friends and purchased their 30 day Journal on  Leading a youth group, the 30-Day Challenge (2.5 hours a day) was a bit daunting for the average Jr/Sr Higher, but I was inspired to retool it for teens.  The result was a 28 day youth group series inspired by Live Dead.

Our challenge was for each student to do four things in the 28 days following our state youth convention: Spend 28 minutes with God, Memorize one Bible verse each week, Set a goal/Raise money for missions, set a personal and/or small group “mission” to accomplish.

I created a guide for the daily 28 minutes that including listening to a suggested worship tune (or watching a video from sites like I am Second), reading a short portion of scripture (Life Journal First Steps Reading Plan), praying for something related to day’s theme, and taking time to reflect on what God might be saying.

The 28 minute challenge was a success.  Dividing it up into four slices made the challenge easier to accomplish.  We sent out a daily text and also posted it on Twitter and Facebook.  Even after the series ended, the daily challenge continued.

I continued it modified under the name 29 Plans based on Jeremiah 29:11-13 and added one minute. The idea is that our future is determined and our plans revealed by our daily time with God.  In effect, the key to Jeremiah 29:11 is verses 12-13.  It lives on through 29 Plans on both Twitter and Facebook, both of which allow mobile notifications (even via text).  The daily post happens at 2am Central time to be ready for anyone when they wake up.  My hope is to expand the reach of 29 Plans in the near future.


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