Have you noticed how everyone is a leader now? In many businesses and churches there is an emphasis on turning employees or members into leaders.  Then when everyone has become a leader, we create leaders of leaders.  It’s a model that has served many well, but can be limited in scope… especially from a biblical perspective.

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is that of Nehemiah.  In contrast to our modern scope of leadership by position (placed in authority over others) and responsibility (tasks we’re in charge of), we see leadership defined as influence through integrity, initiative, and intercession.  What’s the formula?

Influence = (Integrity + Initiative) x Intercession

Nehemiah was a man of integrity as cup-bearer to the king.  He was a moved by the desolation of his home and decided to take initiative to do something about it.  These two attributes were multiplied by Nehemiah interceding on behalf of his people.  He knew that prayer is sometimes about becoming an answer to prayer.  It was the perfect concoction of influence… and in turn, biblical leadership.

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