Landscaping and Lawncare Resources?

By April 3, 2010#Life

There are faceplate-less light switches everywhere in our house.   We’ve done a ton of work, but there’s still lots to be done and we’ve mostly concentrated on “larger” indoor projects like flooring and painting.  It was one year ago our offer was accepted and it’s hard to believe how far we’ve come.

Today we spent some time ripping some sort of evergreen-fern-type thing our of the front landscaping.  We intend to pay more attention to the outside this year.  We’re hoping to add some flowers, eliminate old shrubs, kill some lawn insects, and grow grass in some bare spots.  There is a ton of info on the web, so we’re trying to find the best ideas for outdoor grass/plant/landscaping care in MN.  We’re open to suggestions if you have them or ideas of where to get good information.

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