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We had the idea of putting together a video montage of our boys from the last couple of years, but weren’t sure how to creatively do it. While brainstorming we were inspired first by our trip to Chicago and ascending Willis Tower and later by a random phrase that popped into my head…

“We raise you not as princes, but as kings”

At its heart the idea is that we want our boys to be free to follow their own dreams. We want their ambitions and potential to be endless and to attempt and accomplish greater things than Jill and I ever could imagine. We don’t want to raise them as princes in our kingdom, but as kings in their own.

“At its end, each day is lost. Moments become memories, boys become men. Yet each day is built a kingdom that awaits you. Filled with YOUR dreams, YOUR ambitions, YOUR potential. Take hold of all that is before you. Give with joy, live with hope, lead with love. We share with you a legacy, but each kingdom is your own. We raise you not as princes but as kings. Far beyond the toils of earth, you will rise above.”

At the end of each day when I wish the boys goodnight, I can’t help but feel that it’s a day we’ll never get back. I can only hope that we’ve helped them see that the world is big and theirs for the taking. We hope you enjoy a look back with the Reed family and feel inspired to pursue your dreams… it’s never too late.

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