My day job provides email via Microsoft Exchange. In the last few years, everyone in the office now has smartphones, a majority of which are iPhones. When we first set up our phones to send and receive emails, we were limited to the native Mail app. It works well, but it’s a little lame.

A few months ago, Microsoft released an email app that quickly became my go-to email app for work. When it comes to choosing apps, web services, and software I usually do a quick pros and cons list to quickly evaluate if it meets my expectations and needs. So here’s my iOS Outlook app review after a few months working with it.


  • Sleek interface
  • Exchange Mail, Calendar, and Contacts in one app like the desktop version
  • Dropbox, Box, OneDrive or Google Drive integration (Hit!)
  • Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud email sync
  • Focused Inbox option for quickly filtering out e-news, ads, etc.


  • Only syncs one month of email history and no setting to choose a time period to sync (Miss!)
  • Limited email search because of lack of customized sync


I love this app, but the inability to sync and search more than a month in the past is a huge downer. It doesn’t make much sense to me to not at least have the option to choose how much to sync. We do a lot of event planning and being able to search through the entire history of a folder is huge. It’s not a deal breaker, but it does make me still keep my work email synced to Apple’s Mail app for when I need to look deeper into the past.

With that one exception, it’s a winner.

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