I had a thought today that gave me a little insight into the book of Job. That book of the Bible has always been a bit of a mystery to me simply because I haven’t had much of a connection to Job. I haven’t lost nearly as much as him and I don’t feel like God has had many conversations with Satan about me.

Yet today a thought led to me believe that I might relate to Job on a fundamental level. I see it now as a story about identity, and the lesson to be learned is this:

My identity is as a child of God. It’s found in a relationship sealed by the love and grace of a Heavenly Father.

Duh, right? But stay with me. That identity is eternal. It lasts. Everything else fades. Job lost everything… family, wealth, and health, but he didn’t lose his identity as a child of God. My identity should be as a child of God too. It can’t come from temporary things because the the things of this earth won’t last.

Elliot learned about the house built on the rock and the house built on the sand at church (and awesomely retold the whole story too). It’s easy to think of the sand as sin, but maybe it just means earthly things… Even good things. A house built on the rock is a person whose identity is found in being a child of God. A house built on sand is someone whose identity is found in being a pastor, or a missionary, or a manager, or a designer, or a student, or a father, or a husband, or a mother, or a wife, or anything temporal. When the storms of life come, when we experience loss, when trust is broken in our relationships, when our ministry doesn’t go as planned, when we fail a test or when we lose our job, if our identity is found in those things we will fall apart. But when our faith leads us to the promises as God’s children we have nothing to fear. Our identity is secure. Our house is on the rock. And we will not be shaken.

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