I Believe You

By November 3, 2013#Influence

I follow it irregularly, usually watching the first and last few episodes of each season, but I’m a huge fan of The Voice. It’s a show that has set itself apart from others in the same genre. It’s original and genuine, much like its judges.  Their unscripted and spontaneous interactions make the show what it is. They are amicable with each other and treat contestants with a refreshing balance of honesty and respect, evidenced in Part Three of the Blind Auditions from this season.  Preston Pohl started “Electric Feel” prompting three quick turnarounds by the male judges.  Following the song, Adam Levine gave feedback that reverberated in my heart.  In acknowledging the “conviction” of Preston’s performance, Adam said three words that in turn convicted me as a musician.  He simply said,

“I believe you.”

Those words have become my litmus test of leading worship. How many times have I put together a set list based on key or tempo while completely disregarding personal authenticity of the words I sing? What if song selection was as much about Christ’s work in my life as it is about the service theme? Could “I believe you” be said of us at the end of a worship set, or might it be “I don’t believe you”… ?

Vulnerability in leadership opens up hearts in the congregation.  The struggle is common to anyone singing in church.  Are we able to sing with full conviction or at the very least intent?  Our church culture is so saturated with music it’s easy to get lost in the hook and ignore the heart.  Do we believe what we sing?  I’m grateful for this gentle reminder from a reality TV show.  Thank you, Adam Levine, for helping me become a better worshiper.  Your words ring true.  I believe you.

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