I Am Tougher Than A Desert

By April 14, 2011#Life

As it turns out, Matt and I are tougher to survive than a desert.  For fun, I’ll use a favorite desert of mine as an example.  The Great Sandy Desert (gotta love those Australian’s and their naming prowess, this creative name makes me laugh almost every time I think of it).  Matt and I are deadlier to a cactus than Great Sandy.

We bought this cactus from Ikea about 3 years ago.  It had been given little care, was on clearance (not a good sign for a living thing to be on clearance, but typically the only time we purchase a plant) , and knowing Ikea the cactus had probably been called ‘Mindre Anläggning.’

We brought it home and completely ignored it aside from occasional “oh right, we have a cactus -how often do they need water?’ feedings.  We ignored it so thoroughly that even now I’m not sure how long it has been dead.  I think it was alive a few months ago…

I will most likely attempt to revive it before realizing it’s a lost cause and throwing it out in a month.

*For anyone confused by this post, let me clarify.  I am not tougher than ice cream which is a dessert (two s’s) but rather an arid place with sparse vegetation due to little rainfall -a desert (one s).

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