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By February 20, 2013#Life

Don’t expect to be singing many songs from the new Hillsong United album in church any time soon, and that’s not a bad thing.  The new album is available for streaming on iTunes and I’ve given it a couple spins today.  As a worship leader, I admit my tendency is to search for anthems – songs that I can replicate in a worship service – and I had difficulty finding them. In that moment of disappointment I was reminded of a truth that worship isn’t about music, it’s an attitude of the heart.  Or in our modern context,

Worship isn’t about the hook.

Zion breaks down our expectations of a worship album (even one from Hillsong) and captures the heart of true worship.  As I listened again to the entire album I felt free to listen to God’s voice.  Only one other complete album has had that effect on me over the years (The Prayer Chain‘s Mercury).

Maybe it’s premature, but I feel I can safely say Zion is a must-have… especially if you pray or study the Word with music.  It’s Spirit-led composition birthed from real encounters with Christ… worship in spirit and truth.  Pick it up in the US 2/26/13.


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