Humility has been the recurring topic of the week. A guest speaker shared about it at church and our pastor had some great thoughts online about it as well. There are so many aspects of humility that it makes it hard to really pinpont which areas of life need it the most. Self-inspection can easily lead down a path of debasement, but I don’t think that’s the point.

It’s a way of living – an atmosphere that surrounds every part of us. It’s not something that we apply to parts of the pie, but to every part of the whole. It’s closely tied to God’s grace. We usually pick and choose where His grace and humility should be applied like we’re ordering from a menu at (insert your favorite restaurant).

“What can I get for you?”

“Give me grace for dealing with people who get on my nerves and enough humility to get me through the day without my head exploding… And a small Coke, please.”

But God’s grace is not served a la carte! We don’t get to choose where humility is applied. It’s all-encompassing, every part of us. When Peter realized the depth of Jesus’ intention in washing his feet, he requested every part of him to be clean. He understood following Christ required all of him, not just the parts he saw fit.

When we give our whole life to Jesus, He will Illuminate areas of our life that we’ve ignored, whether deliberately or by accident. It’s like holding the menu of your life in your hands and asking God, “What would you recommend?” I wouldn’t be surprised to hear him say, “I thought you’d never ask.”

Wipe the slate clean on your requests for grace and humility. Forget your known shortcomings and allow God to apply His grace and humility as He sees fit. When we do it on our own, we debase and shame ourselves and in the end overlook areas of our life God wants to work on.

There is a loving Father ready to guide you down paths of righteousness and purpose. There are parts of the menu you’ve never explored, and it’s never to shame you. It’s to enrich you and ultimately… to enrich others in return, drawing them closer to Him.

“Have you tried the full portion of grace? It’s to die for!”

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