Garage Sale Day -MN Style

By May 7, 2010#Life

It’s May and as many would assume, it’s perfect garage sale weather.  Yes, and yet, perhaps those ‘many’ are not familiar with Minnesota.  It is May 7, and I am huddled near the small space heater we were going to sell in this very garage sale, until the weather made me rethink the wisdom of that.  Besides, our poor little space heater wasn’t ready to be sold.  It is missing a wheel after all, and who would want to be sold without their wheel?

Snow is expected, maybe as soon as this weekend, but hopefully it will hold off until Monday -or just not come at all.  I don’t know what I should tell our beautiful cherry and apple blossoms, or the lilacs that are in full bloom.  What I am telling my garage sale, which has already been visited by people I will call the salt of the earth (some saltier than others), is to just hold on.  The quicker it sells, the quicker I get to close the doors and stop exposing my garage’s underbelly to the critical eye of the world -and the sooner I can go inside.

For now, however, I’ll sit with my blanket over my legs, steaming green tea in front of me, my courageous little space heater chugging out heat, and enjoy meeting folks who are really one of a kind.

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  • Matt Reed says:

    Jill, you’re brave. It’s really warm here in the kitchen.

  • Amy says:

    Jill – I am so sorry – that stinks! But your post is hilarious. And I would totally drag Matt out there with you!!

  • Jill says:

    Ha! Thanks Amy! Matt has now come out (for a few minutes) but is about to take on a worse job than mine! he’s going to go out in the rain and fertilize our grass! Yuck. I’ll take the space heater!

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