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I imagine there was once a time when gas stations didn’t have the Minnesota Department of Commerce regulating the accuracy of their pumps.  I’m also guessing that long ago the discovery of dishonest merchants prompted the formation of this regulatory agency though probably not as dramatically as Daniel Larusso breaking a clay weight in half.  To be honest I have never considered a gas station might be cheating me while I dispense their black gold into my car.   Though that’s probably true more out of ignorance than seeing this sticker the other night.

We don’t give a second thought, or a first thought for that matter, that we have many things watching out for us in life to protect us:  The Department of Commerce that keeps us from being cheating, the Food and Drug Administration, wellness checks, smoke detectors, Tornado sirens, Tsunami warnings, Emergency Broadcast System, and stop lights just to name a few.  I have little doubt we could compile a list of thousands of unseen or unknown regulators, rules, authorities, and systems that keep disaster and harm in check so we can live freely and safely.

Why is it that we don’t give a thought or complaint to these checks, but we balk at any spiritual checks in our lives?  We find out what the MN Dept of Commerce does and we say, “Thank you.”  Someone calls us on our attitude and we snap, “Don’t judge me” like Bilbo Baggins at Gandalf.

Jesus makes it clear that harm to our soul is far more damaging than harm to our bodies (Mark 8:36-37; Luke 12:4-5).  Surrounding ourselves with regulators, rules, authorities, and systems to keep our spiritual lives in check is essential for anyone following Christ.  We can truly live in freedom when our fruit (Galatians 5:22-23) is in check (Luke 6:43-44).

So what kinds of “fruitcheck” do you have in life to guard your soul?  Feel free to comment below to encourage others.  Don’t stop at just having one or two.  Create as many as you can to have the same type of thoughtless worry-free freedom that comes from that sticker on the Holiday station gas pump.

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