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By January 28, 2015#Tech

When Facebook updated the iPhone app and tried to force everyone to download Messenger, I refused. I still haven’t downloaded it. I never will. I may be a bit rigid on this one, but I still think it’s ridiculous to have to use two apps for one social media platform.

I see three ways around it. The first being completely ditching Facebook and moving over to something like Google+. But the truth is that I don’t know anyone who actively uses it. I’ve always said,

Google+ is the fallout shelter of the Facebook world. Everyone signs up for it with no intention of using it unless things get really bad in FB world.

The second option is just to login to Facebook from your mobile browser. It works just like the app except for the awesome fact that you can view and send messages. This is great for both iPhone and Android users.

The third alternative is exclusive to iPhone users. Download Facebook’s Paper app. It’s a great way of viewing and interacting with your Facebook content… including messages. While it seems to lack some functionality, it gets the job done and consistently gives me another day of Facebook-Messenger-free living.

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