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Inc magazine named Evernote the company of the year in their December issue.  When you consider the span of this software’s reach, it’s not difficult to imagine why they were selected.  The write-up is a fine piece describing the company’s origins and makeup, but the beauty of the company is the software itself.

Think of it as your digital memory.  We use everything imaginable to keep track of the things we want to remember.  I still use a moleskin notebook to keep track of ministry-related interests or thoughts, but I’ve come to rely on Evernote to keep track of everything else.

Using Evernote is the best way to understand its value, but there are two features worth mentioning to pitch it.  First is the number of platforms which it runs on.  If you can think of it, Evernote is probably available… Android, iPhone, Mac, PC, and any web browser just to name a few.  Your account is synced on every platform.  Secondly, once you create a note, Evernote indexes it with tags, titles, and even text recognition in pictures you’ve taken.  Looking for a notes on a home project you’ve been working on, type in your keyword and all your notes show up in an instant.

Best of all, it’s completely free.  There is a premium version, but regular users won’t need to upgrade at all.  Next to my web browser and Photoshop, it’s the program I use the most.  Check it out at evernote.com.

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