Eerie Answer to Prayer

By August 13, 2008#Influence

Okay, so this was a very strange event.

Yesterday I was jogging -just a quick two miles. It leads me up a hill near a wooded area. I began to think, and please don’t ask what prompted it, about people who have murdered other people. Okay, maybe it’s because on one side of the road is this thick wooded area and on the other is a cemetery…. oooooohhhhhhh…..

It came to mind and I suddenly felt the urge to pray for those people who have taken other people’s lives. I just prayed that they’d be saved. But more than that I had a sudden burden to pray for those people who haven’t killed anyone yet but who’ve thought of it. Am I creeping everyone out yet? I don’t usually think a lot about this, but I do pray throughout my entire jog so that part of this story isn’t too out of the ordinary. I prayed that God would save those people, the ones who hadn’t killed yet but who were thinking about it (because it suddenly struck me that between those with no thoughts of murder and those who have murdered, there must be those thinking about it). So I prayed that God would stop them, would save them.

I forgot all about it. My mind went to other things (because who wants to think about that all day?). Today Matt and I were watching the news, and they talked about a teen who had thrown a stone through the sliding glass door of someone’s deck door. His friend turned the kid in (or something like that), and the kid admitted that it was done in order to have easy access to the house the next night (which would be tonight I think). He said he was planning to kill the complete stranger who lived in that house (he’d chosen a stranger because he couldn’t kill someone he knew) and said he’d been having thoughts for a while about killing people -about murder.

I sat watching the TV stunned. Absolutely stunned. Then I just thanked God. Was it this boy in particular that God placed on my heart? Was it a general covering of prayer? I find it impossible to consider it a coincidence -I’m not much of a believer in them. What I know is it’s a prayer answered. It’s huge. I told Matt the story (because I hadn’t thought to mention my prayer about murderers/potential murderers to him before -and like I said I’d really forgotten all about it).

I know God is near, and I know He knows everything. I’ve known these things my whole life and I really believe them, but this one… wow. It made Him that much nearer. I prayed and I cared because He wanted me to pray and to care, and I was listening to Him -and He was listening to me.

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