We pray with the boys every night, and a few times over the years we’ve read “Daniel talks to God” from the Bible for toddlers. It’s funny how even the simplest stories in the Bible can have such profound implications for us today.

Back in the day I remember hearing in church about how the world was getting worse. There was always an accompanying reason; the most infamous being “they kicked God out of the schools.” It was more than one preacher who spoke of the wave of sin brought on by prayer being banned in school.

While it is a little sad to think that there was a time public prayer was commonplace, I can’t help but think―no one can actually take God out of our schools. It reminds me of when God said to Moses,

Has my arm lost its power?

There was this weird implication that somehow God was now powerless, as if a human court’s decision was somehow kryptonite to Him. It wasn’t like all the Christians were raptured out of the public school system either. They still had access to their Creator.

Daniel didn’t sulk about the decision to outlaw prayer. He just… prayed. If anything it was an opportunity for a miracle. He talked to God. That’s something no one can legislate away. God’s power is not diminished no matter what decisions are made in the courts. The same power that raised Christ from the dead is available to those who call on His name.


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