For years I’ve said, “Trust God with what you know and He will take care of the unknown.” I’ve always believed that if you take action on the things you know you’re supposed to do, then your obedience aligns your direction no matter how unknown the future may appear to be.

Proverbs tells us, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your path straight.”

There are hundreds of “knowns” in the Bible for right living where there’s no question about how to put your faith into action. We know we should bless and not curse. We know we should forgive. We know we should honor our parents. We know we should pray for the sick, give to those in need and take care of the widow and the orphan. There’s no mystery in these action steps. We don’t need to ask God’s will concerning these things because we already know it.

Then there are those moments when the unknown presents itself and we find ourselves in the immobile space between faith and action. It’s a waiting place, yet we are still active with the “knowns” of our faith. Waiting is anticipating, seeking some sort of certainty or at the very least an ounce of courage. In those times, God will provide confidence and confirmation to move us forward.

I experienced this very thing last week at the SALT conference in Nashville, TN. This conference is for those involved in creative arts in their church. Surrounded by so many creative people and challenged by the speakers in each main session, I felt a sense of certainty regarding how to move forward in my creative work. It was confirmation to the 10,000th power. I had an idea of what it might look like, and finally got the confidence to move forward.

If you’re in a similar waiting place, stay active in your faith. Don’t neglect the “knowns.” Sometimes we think we’re waiting on God, but He’s actually waiting on us. We’re saying, “What’s next?” when he’s saying, “Did you forgive? Did you bless? Did you take care of the “knowns” in my Word?”

I’m grateful for the confidence and confirmation that’s often found at the intersection of faith and action. It’s the fuel that moves us forward. Trust that God wants to use you and has great plans and dreams for you. He’ll confirm it, and when he does, move forward in confidence. You can do it.


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