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By May 18, 2010#Life

As you know, we’ve been tearing out a bunch of shrubs and trees around our house.  The landscaping was neglected for years and we’ve found it’s easier to just start over on some things rather than try to redeem them.  Some friends of ours are even taking the badly placed oak tree in our backyard.  Now we have bags of clippings and twigs that we weren’t sure what to do with.  Minnesota law forbids throwing it in your residential garbage and requires you to dispose of it properly.  Properly means paying money to get rid of it (It’s odd how expensive “going green” can be).

Anyway, I called Tennis Sanitation and they charge $2.50 per 30-gallon bag for a pickup.  You also have to schedule the pickup… you can’t just put it out with the garbage.  After some research we discovered Composting Concepts in Woodbury.  Their prices are reasonable ($1 – 1.25 a bag) and it’s open throughout the week.  Judging from the mountains of grass clippings and branches, apparently many people have discovered this as well.  It’s part of a very large piece of cultivated land in the south part of the city.  Check it out.

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