Birthday Tone

By April 19, 2008#Life

Normally when I get birthday money, I already have something in mind to purchase and I get it right away. This year I started saving money for a new guitar. After some research, I had my sights on a Gibson Les Paul. Those run around $1500 and at the current birthday rate, I wouldn’t be getting it until 2014. So instead I decided to invest in new Gibson pickups and a set of tubes for my Fender amp. I spent tonight installing the pickups in my guitar and changing out the tubes. There are 9 vacuum tubes that needed replaced and the contacts needed to be cleaned as well. All that to say when I finally finished and plugged in the guitar and amp, it was exactly the sound and tone I was looking for. And instead of waiting until 2014, I spent $300 and got the sound I wanted now. Here’s to frugality and the perfect Birthday tone. Thanks to all who took part!

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