Birthday Month is off to a HUGE beginning!

By May 3, 2010#Life

As some people may already be aware, and others just learning of this wonderful thing, Matt and I began celebrating birthday months quite a few years ago.  After all, we reasoned, how could one little day be enough to celebrate someone so huge in our lives (that being each other, not ourselves -though really, where would I be without me)?.  I was thrilled to receive this Giada De Laurentiis (yes there are supposed to be 2 i’s in her last name) coffee maker as my first gift!  I really love things with a classic style that’s also mixed with new –and I’m a big fan of coffee.

This coffee maker is to replace the one Matt and I found in a ‘free’ box in our old neighborhood.  It had been filled with old grinds, pet hair, and a filmy substance I can not name.  Those things were eradicated by deep (paranoid and obsessive) cleaning, and coffee began to percolate and trickle into the pot.  After a while the coffee randomly trickled all over the counter-top and not into the pot.  And most recently the coffee maker would grumble and steam (working up a real sweat), but somehow take the 8 cups of water put into it and make only 1 cup of viscous coffee.  The time for a new coffee maker had come as our old one limped along pathetically.  It is now going up for sale in our garage sale (Mexico City fundraiser) -warning to its inconsistent temperament included- and we are now sipping coffee that is untainted and brewed to perfection every time.  For those of you who don’t like coffee, just imagine you’re finally getting the right blend of ingredients for the perfect pop, or ice cream… It’s percolating perfection.

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