Once we got Kid’s Mode on the Galaxy Note 4 figured out, the biggest question was what games do we download? We have two boys, age 2 and 4, and here are a few Android Kids Games that they love.

  • Monkey Preschool. Our boys absolutely love this game, especially our two-year old. Our four-year old still plays it every once and a while, but it’s mostly for kids 3 and under.
  • Anything Dr. Panda. Many¬†of them are free and there’s enough game varieties to keep them moving from one app to the next. Airport Panda and Chef Panda were the standouts. Hoopa City is a great option as well. It’s like Sim City for four-year olds.
  • Anything Lego. There are a ton of age-appropriate Lego games available. For their age, the boys love Lego Juniors and Lego Duplo. We just download the Duplo train one that they both enjoyed.
  • Cars: Fast and Lighting. We watch Cars about 5 times a week and this is the perfect accompaniment.
  • Anything Angry Birds. The kiddos are a little to young to figure it completely out, but they still enjoy it.

Since I have an iPhone, there are a number of different options that I’ll highlight in our next post. Cheers!


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