“Let’s be honest” tends to be a convenient precursor to rudeness, negativity and gossip rather than life-giving direction or affirmation. Those who abuse “honesty” have owned that word for far too long. It’s time for the meek to take it back.

A pastor once told me that meekness isn’t weakness; it’s power withheld or power under control. In other words, it’s having the power to manipulate people, but asking God to orchestrate situations. It’s having the insight to crush spirits, but choosing to encourage instead. It’s speaking truth in love instead of rudeness under the guise of honesty. It’s holding your tongue. It’s listening. It’s kindness. It’s humility over arrogance, affirmation over self-promotion, and servanthood over selfishness.

Many assume kind people are pushovers or somehow aren’t as sharp. Don’t look down on them condescendingly and don’t be fooled. Chances are they aren’t weak; they are meek. And the Bible makes it clear that they will inherit the earth. Wait! What? Think about that. That’s a powerful promise that’s hardly talked about. I can only speculate what Jesus intended in that statement, but my guess is that the meek will help lead and make decisions in the new earth. They have chosen God’s priorities over their own and will be eternally blessed.

Do we value meekness? Are we willing to trust God when we want to control things? Are we willing to open our mind and close our mouth? Are we able to bless rather than curse?

Honesty is linked to truth, and truth comes from Christ alone. Our perspective is typically skewed because we can’t see all angles. When we see things from His perspective, we lean toward compassion, kindness, and encouragement. When we see things from our own perspective, we lean toward gossip, rudeness, and negativity. So let’s be honest…


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