Youth Group Games Pt 1

By June 7, 2011#Influence, #StuMin

Finding games for youth group is usually more difficult than putting together a worship set, small group questions, or even a message.  We all know there’s a ton of resources for great games, but so many of the games are a little lame.  Games that work for us are highly active, involve everyone, and have a false sense of danger.

Four that have been successful lately for our group (20ish) are good old fashioned Kickball, Protect the President, Torpedo, and a game with a bunch of tennis balls and an exercise ball.  You can find Protect the Pres and Torpedo at The Source for Youth Ministry.  I found the tennis ball game on YouTube (where I find many other games as well) by watching this video from another church’s lock-in.  Low cost and lots of fun… Enjoy!

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