Who do they think they are?

By June 21, 2008#Life

After the 35W bridge collapsed, Matt and I spent a day walking around the area trying to see it (since we crossed it every day, and live about a mile away). However, the perimeter set up around it led us to walking for miles and miles (maybe 8 or 9). It was cool and rainy and we were cold and hungry.

We stopped at Grandma’s restaurant for a bite to eat and I got a cup of coffee to warm myself up. It was that really bad “church coffee” type in a little enamel mug. I had to ask for cream and sugar to be brought out and even that couldn’t make it better. It was just a terrible cup of coffee, not very warm- and very small.

Imagine my shock when we got the bill and they’d charged us over $4 for that cup of bad coffee -which I hadn’t finished, but gulped down when I saw the price (Heaven forbid I waste any of the $4 coffee!).

I couldn’t believe it. For that small nasty cup of coffee they’d charged me more than $4! How did a place like that think it could sell a crumby cup of coffee for so much money? We paid the bill -of course- but I as i looked at it I couldn’t help turning to Matt and laughing as I asked, “Who do they think they are -Starbucks?”

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