I am asked all the time, “What video camera should I buy?” Usually it’s a non-profit or church looking to start doing more in-house work. I always say start with what you have, but sometimes there really is nothing to start with. There are so many variables to be considered before purchasing a camera. Do you need a DSLR or an action camera? Are you telling stories or just capturing footage from group games? Do you have any intention of developing filmmaking in your organization? These are just a few of the questions you need to answer to help steer you in the right direction.

To narrow down your choices to the type of camera you’ll need, I created a simple flowchart that could help. It assumes you’re only purchasing one camera. It’s not comprehensive, but the questions do relate to much of what churches and non-profits would need film for.

Keep in mind my previous post on the evolution of cameras that each camera is like a grade level. Don’t move on until you’ve mastered that grade. So even if you have budget got a RED camera, it might not be the best investment if there’s no one who know how to use it.

Also remember that the heart of film is story. It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest camera on the planet if you can’t communicate the story. That being said, here is my flowchart for non-profits and churches that also has application for individuals ready to take the plunge.

I’ll tackle some specific cameras in upcoming posts for each of the types I mention in the flowchart staring with the five I currently work with (Canon t4i, 6D, 5DMIII, Vixia G30, & GoPro Hero 4). Lenses and other gear will be coming soon as well!

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