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By March 3, 2008#Life, #StuMin

I led worship at a youth group last night and volunteered to participate in a game. It was the same game I happened to make students play years ago at a Fall Retreat. Now I found myself in their shoes (although to our credit, Jill and I would never do a game that we ourselves were not willing to play – we ate our share of goldfish and worms). The game involves smearing your face with whipped cream and your teammate throwing Cheetos at your face to get them to stick. My teammate and I were the champions!

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I'm a husband, father, leader, and geek whose time is wrapped up in faith, family, film, and travel. I guess I'm a little like the equivalent of a utility player in baseball. I'm happy with not being the best at something as long as I'm always trying to get better.

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