Warning: Very Sad News.

By December 7, 2008#Influence

To preface this, I hate to share such bad news with people, and I especially hate to post something so sad on our website -especially around Christmas time.  But it happened, and it was big in my life, and so I’m writing about it.  If you don’t want sad news, just skip down to my coffee story, it was pretty funny.

On Friday I was at clinicals on the psych ward at 6AM when I heard our teacher and a few friends from class talking about something in hushed tones.  Curiosity peeked, I asked what was going on.  My friend John told me that our friend, a guy I’d been in classes with since before I’d even started the nursing program, had killed himself on Tuesday.  I spent the next half hour or so in the break room with other students crying and comforting each other.

Oddly enough, on Tuesday last week we’d wondered where he was and why he wasn’t in class.  In nursing school you NEVER miss a lecture the week before a test.  He sat behind me and my study group.  We wondered about it, but then the typical crush and pressure of nursing school set back in and our minds were on tests and clinicals and homework and finals…

Then at six in the morning two days ago, all of that changed.  It all seemed stupid and little.  A man, a friend of ours, a husband, and father of 2 prematurely left this world.

There we were, working on a psych ward, trying to help people -some of whom had attempted to kill themselves, but we hadn’t even been able to help our own friend.

So that night as a light snow fell, and Christmas lights cast a warming glow on the cold world, I got dressed up not for a Christmas party, but for a funeral.  With one of my friends and fellow classmates, I went to see our friend one last time.

He didn’t have the hope, the great Hope of Christ in his life.  He had no hope at all.

Here’s the thing, he never asked for help.  He never showed us any signs of a problem.  We never knew.  If you ever feel this way, get help.  If you ever think a friend is feeling this way, help them.  I wish I could have.  Now it’s too late.

If you don’t know the Great Hope, get to know Him.  Life is too short to be lived without Hope and purpose.  He’s created us with such value and with a purpose to do so much more with our gift of life.  Take Hope.

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