Unlucky Girl?

By January 19, 2009#Life

Hm.  Lately I’ve been wondering if perhaps I’m a little unlucky where electronic devices are concerned.

On our trip to Oklahoma we stopped just outside of Des Moines, Iowa.  I left my iPod “safely” nestled atop a pile of coats and pillows between the driver seat and the passenger seat of our 15 passenger van (let me just say that ’15’ is a little optimistic, as 9 fit very uncomfortably when luggage was included!).  Somehow the iPod tumbled off of this pile and slipped silently (as none of us heard it) onto the ground.  When I retrieved it today from the wonderful people who found it (who were on their way home -to MN- and mercifully figured out how to contact me), the glass face of it was shattered.  It seems the poor dear pod was run over.

After this, and Jen leaving her phone in a Deli in OK, I was extra careful not to lose or destroy anything else.  Today, after dropping Matt off at work before heading out to Maple Grove to meet the good Samaritans who were returning the iPod to me, I frowned in concern as I zipped along the highway.  Where was my phone?  I had it when I dropped Matt off but couldn’t find it once I parked in Maple Grove…  Huh.

Crud.  This plagued me during my drive.  I headed back to Matt’s work, hoping that if the phone had fallen out of the car when I moved from the passenger seat to the driver seat, that it would still be there -and not run over.  And there in the parking lot lay my cell phone, it too had been run over.

Unlike my iPod it was not smashed.  I talked to Matt on it and he couldn’t hear me.  I sounded very metallic in my own ears, but Matt said I sounded like the adults in the peanuts cartoons.  Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa.

I stuck the phone in rice.  Thanks to Adriana Dean (little shout out), whose phone had fallen in a lake (along with her) I had heard this worked to pull out the moisture from the phone.

It seems to have worked, though as I write this the phone is still bathing in the dry grains of rice.  I wonder if brown is better than white…

So there you have it.  I am beginning to think that perhaps I’m an unlucky girl when it comes to electronics.  Or am I?  If I was truly unlucky my phone would be fried and my iPod would be in the pocket of some lucky dishonest person.  Instead they are both somewhat safe and somewhat sound in my own possession.  Maybe that’s a little lucky after all.

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