I love that we have a chance to renew ourselves each new year. Like many others, we are in the middle of twenty-one days of fasting and prayer. During this time everyone is encouraged to eliminate things that keep us from focusing on Christ. I’ve already built the habit of fasting from food and praying into my weekly routine, so I wanted to do approach this differently. In the past I’ve done digital media and Daniel fasts, and I was stuck trying to figure out what I could remove… Food? Sugar? Social Media?

It occurred to me this time around to try sacrificing the intangibles.

It’s the things I can’t interact with or touch, like idleness, complacency and disorganization. A quick inventory on my time this weekend made me realize how much time is wasted. A simple restructure of my schedule revealed time in the day I didn’t think I had. Taking this approach and focusing on the “intangibles” automatically eliminated some of the “tangibles” and created more opportunities for prayer, relationship and growth. What are the intangibles for you? Lack of discipline? Negativity? Busyness?

To each his own of course, but I share to offer a fresh perspective or alternative for the twenty-one day approach. Maybe there are some intangibles in your life. Maybe take an hour or so and look at your day. See what you can consolidate or reschedule. Mind you this is no substitute for the Biblical practice of fasting food and praying. I encourage everyone to make that a life habit that’s not relegated to the January of each new year. But if you’re still trying to figure out what you want to do, maybe this approach might help.

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