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By May 14, 2008#Life

We just returned from the memorial service not long ago. It was a great time of celebration of Dad’s life and where he is now. Below is the tribute video that we showed during the service. Press “play now” to view…

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  • Kim Knott says:

    To the Whole Family…
    What a beautiful memorial service. I have a feeling that Paul is looking down upon all of you and smiling. I watched the video several times and what I kept getting out of it was how much your husband, dad, grandpa loved each and everyone of you. I believe that we all have been blessed by knowing Paul, he showed us how a true Christian should walk. God Bless your family.

  • Shannon says:

    The video was so touching and heartfelt. I’m not sure the last time we saw your dad, but he sure leaves an impression! He was such a friendly, funny man. All I can think now is how happy and full of joy he must be dancing in the streets of Heaven. Thank our Lord Jesus that we are given the gift of eternal life. How great is it that we will see our loved ones again? We may be sad for a time now, but there is so much hope in our Lord. We keep you all in our thoughts and prayers daily.

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