Too Close?

By May 6, 2009#Life

Okay, I’ve come to the conclusion that we are situated too close to our current neighbors.  If I wanted to, and I don’t, I could easily leap from our living room window onto their house.  If I wanted to, and I don’t, I could see into every window of their house that faces us.  I feel this is too close.  And to make matters worse, they are fighters.  I don’t mean professional, that would at least be interesting -or at the very least entertaining.

No, these are the midnight, 2AM, 3AM, 4AM, 5AM, 6AM fighters (apparently they’re not big on ‘afternoon’ fighting).  They are the ‘shout down’ fighters.  If one says something loud, the other one has to be louder and ‘shout them down’ as if volume is at all related to valid arguments or rationales.  At some point they reach a shrill limit to where their voices can take them.  Usually these are the voices that wake me up at night, sometimes at their loudest, and sometimes when they’re only half way to full capacity.  And this addresses nothing about the actual harsh, vulgar, and cruel content of their shouting.

I am sick (stupid cold) and am in desperate need of sleep, and today -very very early this morning- my bizarre landscape of dreams was interrupted by a loud tangle of voices I couldn’t make sense of.  I woke up to the ranting angry accusations and arguments of our neighbors -yet again.  First in their house, and then outside -as they like to take it to the street.  The house, it seems, can not contain their anger.  And usually one of them (or sometimes more than one) leaves but not before they stand at the van ‘about to leave’ and shout hysterically at the other one (or sometimes more than one) who stands in their yard or near the front door and shouts back at them.

Oddly enough, we’d been relieved when they moved in because our last neighbors fought too much.  The joke is on us.  The new fighting could kick the old fighting’s butt.

Here is my struggle.  I honestly feel very very sorry for them.  Who would want to live in such constant conflict?  On the other hand, they are forcing their neighbors to live in their war zone.  I have, on occasion (and maybe this is because I don’t always think clearly at 3AM), wondered if maybe I would be shot by a stray bullet while just lying in my own bed, if their fight ever came to that.  I’m happy to report that so far they appear ‘guns free.’

They seem to think they are the only ones who live here.  Or maybe they think they are the only people living here with ears.  Or maybe they just don’t think about anyone else at all, they’re too caught up in their own pain and anger.

Here, in our otherwise very nice neighborhood, I have realized that yes, we are too close to our neighbors.  With that realization comes the satisfaction I almost feel guilty for -we are moving.  We’re moving to a house so close to a high school that we’ll be able to hear every single football game this fall, and yet at this point, that doesn’t feel too close.

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