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THE 651 is a collaboration of churches in the East Twin Cities in Youth Ministry. Lead churches have pooled resources to plan the 2012-13 school year with programming for Wednesday nights in the local church including a once a month gathering to kick off each new series.  Churches can continue the series in their own youth groups the rest of the month.

The vision is to cultivate strong youth ministries in every ETC (651) church by providing training, support, and a full year of free programming for primary youth leaders/pastors and their teams. We want to champion campus outreach and encourage unified diversity through shared ministry. We hope to raise up a generation unwaveringly committed to faith and service.

The first Wednesday night of each month (with the exception of January) is a 651 Night.  Doors open at Redeeming Love in Maplewood at 6:00pm with hangout time, prayer, and leader’s training. Service starts at 7pm and ends by 8:30pm.  The dates are as follows: Oct 3rd, Nov 7th, Dec 5th, Jan 9th, Feb 6th, Mar 6th, Apr 3rd, May 1st, and Jun 5th.

Each series will include message outlines, small group discussion, graphics, and more. September and October will be released in August and each series will then be released to leaders a month before it starts (Nov series comes 10/3 and so forth).  Everything is totally free.  Most of the graphics are courtesy of other free online resources as well.  Even if you’re not in the Twin Cities or even out of state, feel free to indulge.

  • SEP12 // THE 651 // What if students at your school and from other churches had the same heart, goals, training and collaborated to see a greater vision? // Luke 9:35-38 // DOWNLOAD NOW
  • OCT12 // BIG // We have a BIG God with a BIG purpose for your life // Jeremiah 32:17 // DOWNLOAD NOW
  • NOV12 // FINISHED // We are all called to finish the work Jesus started… sharing the Good News about the grace of God // Acts 20:24 // DOWNLOAD NOW
  • DEC12 // HEART OF WORSHIP // Worship is more than just a song or music in church. A life of worship is a life of faithfulness. // John 4:23-24 // Available Nov 7th
  • JAN13 // IDENTITY // You were born an original, don’t die a copy. Because of lies and labels from ourselves and others, many of us have walked away from being the person God created us to be // Matt 16:13-19 // Available Dec 5th
  • FEB13 // PITCH BLACK E-SERIES // Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. It’s believing there’s light when life seems pitch black // Heb 11:1 // Available Jan 9th
  • MAR13 // INSIDE THE MARGINS // Learning what it means to give our “all” to God with our time, talents, and money // Romans 12:1 // Available Feb 6th
  • APR13 // ELEMENTAL // The essential truths of our faith elemental to following Jesus throughout of our lifetimes // Hebrews 11:6 // Available Mar 6th
  • MAY13 // CONNECTED // Jesus commanded us to love God and to love others. Take a look at our most important relationships, with God, family, friendships, and dating // Matthew 22:37-40 // Available Apr 3rd

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