The Princess Bride

By September 12, 2008#Life

Every year we have a retreat at the campground for minister’s kids who are in 7th-12th grade. This year there about a hundred teens at the camp and tomorrow we’ll be hanging out and going to a mini-golf park and then bowling later at night. One of the traditions of the weekend is to watch a movie each night… and not just any movies… but the same movies year after year. The one is Newsies and the other is The Princess Bride. This is great for me because I don’t have to ever watch this at home because I know that I’ll see it in September. The funny thing about the movie is that when I saw it when I was a kid, my favorite part was the opening scene… where Fred Savage is playing Nintendo baseball. I really wished I was playing that video game.

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  • JIll says:

    I always loved the weird hag who yells at Buttercup, and the part when Wesley bests all of the challenges. “Inconsssthevable!”

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