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By February 26, 2009#Life

Yeah!  Thanks to everyone for making this day possible.  While it was months ago that Jill made the top spot on a “Jill Reed” google search, I was stuck on page 5 – and tragically on page 8 at one time.  Today if you type “Matt Reed” in a google search, you’ll find our website on the front page!  It’s been an 18 month journey, and the top spot is near… Watch out Matt Reed the triathlete and Matt Reed Nashville web designer… you’re heading to the 2nd page.

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I'm a husband, father, leader, and geek whose time is wrapped up in faith, family, film, and travel. I guess I'm a little like the equivalent of a utility player in baseball. I'm happy with not being the best at something as long as I'm always trying to get better.

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  • Melinda Redmann says:

    So…how did you do it?

  • Matt says:

    There are some technical things, but it comes down to longevity of our site and hits from friends and family. Some of the other Matt Reed sites have been around since 2003 which is why they are on top. The more hits and maturity will slowly move me toward the number one spot.

  • Amy Clausen says:

    Where are your social media tags? Get people to start tagging your posts (you have plenty of friends right?) and that will help in a hurry to. I see your links to the right – but get the others on here (, stumble upon, technorati etc..) This is a tiny bit corporate but if you have any interesting news (you seem like an interesting guy – this won’t be hard), send a press release on the web – totally free but those get ranked pretty good for google – and then you will have your site take up several spots on the 1st page – bumping a couple of them right off to the 2nd page. I am not familiar with wordpress at all, but i looked at your source code and don’t see any keywords added in the meta data – can you do that? you can stick your name in there. Also on page titles if you can add to your page titles and put your name in there google places weight on those – and here’s a trick – the place heavier emphasis on the 1st and last word of your page title. Can you tell what I have been breathing day and night lately? Every day i monitor my company rankings and work on getting them up for certain keywords.

  • Jill says:

    Wow. Amy, you’re brilliant. I have no idea what half of it means, but I can tell it’s good because the half I understand is stinkin’ awesome. And luckily Matt will understand the whole thing.

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