Sneaky Caffeine

By August 14, 2009#Life

Sleep ten minutes, shift uncomfortably, roll over, go back to sleep. Sleep ten minutes, move hair off of damp sweaty neck, roll over, go back to sleep.
When will I learn my lesson? It is 2:52AM, and I am awake. How hard is it to remember to get decaf? Or at least half calf?  If only I had thought about this at 5PM as I finished off my coffee.
The tricky bit about this particular caffeine episode is that I felt completely exhausted, went to sleep believing I’d be knocked out til morning, yet here I am…
Adding insult to injury, was that as I started writing this (resenting the cold press I had with Ange today -super good and fun though… and technically yesterday I guess), I saw the gigantic McDonald’s sweet tea cup Matt had and remembered I also got one. Granted I hardly had 1/5 of it (because they are really gigantic).  By the time I drank the sweet tea I’d not only forgotten I’d had caffeine earlier, but also neglected to realize (at the time) that sweet tea is chalked full of caffeine.
So this, as I write with a mercilessly jittery skidding (caffeinated) heart, is simply one more chapter in an ever growing series of caffeine mishaps in my life.
Must stop. Must sleep. Can’t.

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