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By June 9, 2008#Influence, #StuMin

Today we celebrated the graduation of 6th graders into Jr. High at Valley Creek. Basically it means they move from Kid’s Church to Youth Group. This year there were 5 transitioning into the youth group which we’ll be jump-starting in late August. Jill and I are pumped to be able to once again get on the “front lines” of student ministry. Why call it student ministry?

Its a deliberate wording to emphasize bridging the transition on both ends of the teenage years… the early transition from Kid’s Church to Jr. High and the high school graduate… using the word “student” can imply elementary, high school, or college. In recent years the church in general has done a rotten job creating a seamless ministry. Kid’s Church and Youth Group were silos with no overlapping efforts and ministry to 18-30 year olds was non-existent. There is a sweeping change happening now in Minnesota to right this wrong and its a vision that Jill and I have adopted as our own.

By encompassing our ministry to all students, we are focusing our efforts on grounding their faith and helping guide them for a lifetime of church and community involvement beyond their college years.

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