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By October 8, 2013#Influence, #StuMin

Props to Jarvis Glanzer for this “band tour” shirt idea.  We released a youth group shirt in conjunction with our school year beginning in September.  The design is done in house in August when our calendar is finalized.

The front is our standard tribute to nickname/brand (freeks).  The back is our annual “Tour” including all of our event dates and sermon series.  We try to create a 2-color design to be able to sell them for $10 on Wednesdays.  We typically printed a “leader’s only” shirt on black every year too.  What better way to print your calendar than to print it on a shirt?  It doubles as our newcomer’s gift as well.  All we ask for is their contact info in exchange for the shirt.  It’s a large up-front expense, but usually gets close to paying for itself over the course of a year.


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