Sluggish Internet?

By February 15, 2008#Life

We’ve had high-speed internet through Comcast cable for the last couple of years.  Lately our internet seemed REALLY slow.  I ran a speed test through and we were getting low-end dsl speed (about 1.5mb per second).  I did a little research and discovered our cable modem (which we’ve been renting for $3 a mo. from Comcast) was about 7-8 years old.  So I bought a new Motorola SB5120 cable modem from Amazon for $50 and installed it today.  Our internet speed improved 1000%!!  We now are averaging 15-20mb per second.  The difference is amazing.  A song downloads from iTunes in about 1 second.  Thought it would be worth mentioning since many of you probably have cable internet.  Even if you’re renting a newer model, I say ditch the rental and buy a new one.

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